1. Q: What kind of barcode scanner should I buy?  5/20/2016
  A: Any barcode scanner can work with Smog Now, but since some of newer vehicles use the QR code on the doorjamb, I would suggest you purchase the scanner that can scan 1D & 2D barcodes.

2. Q: Can I download my customers' database?  4/6/2016
  A: Yes, you can export the customers information into the Excel file at anytime, the customers information include Name, address, phone, email and notes for the customer.

3. Q: How do I configure the card reader?  4/3/2016
  A: Most card reader just plug & play, no special setting need be changed, however, you will need to make sure the track separator is [cr] or new line, this is the most card reader default setting.

4. Q: What kind of card reader should I buy?  4/3/2016
  A: The card reader must can do Keyboard Emulation & Reads tracks 1, 2, & 3
The best card reader we recommend is the ID TECH MiniMag II MagStripe Reader IDMB serial. You can easy find on EBay or Amazon, by search "ID TECH CARD READER"

5. Q: What if the 30 days free trail is not enough time for me, can I have it extended?  3/12/2016
  A: Yes, if you need more time to try, just drop me an email to casmognow@gmail.com.

6. Q: What's the cancellation policy?  3/8/2016
  A: If you sign up the Yearly plan or Quarterly plan and you decided to cancel it during the term, you will get refund for unused months, there is no refund for Monthly plan.